Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Meanwhile ... Back at the Ranch"

This will be a work in constant progress. Or least as constant as an elderly, childless shut-in like myself can make it. Here I will discuss that strange and ephemeral of screen apparitions: Women in B-Westerns and Serials. The leading ladies, the duennas, the villainesses (few and far between), the towns women, and Rose Plumer.

We all know that Gene Autry didn't actually kiss his horse, Champion. But he almost never kissed the girl either. The reason is obvious: the small fry at the Saturday matinee would not have approved. To put it mildly. But, despite the umbrage certain to be taken by the kids in the theater, producers thought leading ladies were necessary for the adults, and besides a cheap Western was the ideal way to screen test a possible starlet or get in good with somebody you wanted to bed. Or am I being too cynical?

I shall return with a more thorough discussion about these women and how they came about and were written. Or not written, as the case may be. Hope you'll like it. But, if not, well, I tried my best.

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