Friday, April 6, 2012

From my collection: Robert Cornell, Robert Ford, James Engler

Gossip queen Louella Parsons was there to report it when former child star Jane Withers began to date. In her September 9, 1941 column, the irrepressible Miss Parsons noted that Jane had been out with her newest leading man, Robert Cornell, no less than five times, nights of presumed revelry demurely chaperoned by Mama Withers. The movie the two young lovebirds was making at the time was Young America, “a gay story of a big city girl who made good in the country.” Robert Cornell remained on contract with 20th Century-Fox throughout his war service and beyond but further starring roles seem to have eluded him.

Other young Fox contract players of the mid-1940s included Robert Ford (above), who turned up in bit parts in Guadalcanal Diary (1943), Margie (1946) and The Razor's Edge (1946);

and James Engler, who, it appears, failed to crack any known cast list at all.

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