Monday, March 18, 2013

My collection: the early years.

I became interested in movie stars, and, of course, later the films they appeared in, when at the age of 7 or so, I purchased a package of chewing gum that contained a colorful portrait of a lady with a bouffant hairdo. The year was 1960 or thereabouts and the lady was Brigitte Bardot. The trading card is long lost - I don't even recall what it really looked like - but some of these early ones I purchased I schlepped around for years, if not decades. Sandra Dee, for example, and German starlet Marion Michael who popularized a Teutonic jungle gal named Liane. A couple of years later we began collecting Dutch-made cowboy star bubblegum cards. The most prized ones depicted French actors Pierre Brice and Marie Versini from the German Karl May Winnetou films helmed in Yugoslavia and environs. But I especially recall one showing "Walter Breiman," a misprint obviously, but one that may still be found on a google search. The performer, needless to say, is Walter Brennan, but there you are. He will forever be "Walter Breiman" to me.

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  1. Walter Breiman? How did that happen, I wonder. I've just published A REAL AMERICAN CHARACTER: THE LIFE OF WALTER BRENNAN