Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paramount starlet JUNE HARRIS

June Harris (1915-1993) was one of the Goldwyn Girls supporting Danny Kaye in Up in Arms (44). She did chorine duties in several other Paramount films before disappearing from cast lists around 1948.


Yesterday, I received a letter from Miss Harris' daughter, Miss Katey Lindley of San Diego, who contributed the following info,

"She was a model in New York (as was her brother….Larry Robbins). She signed with Fox Studios the same day as Marilyn Monroe. She dated Jim Stack (Robert Stacks brother) for many years until she met my dad at Jim’s house playing tennis (it was a weekly thing – cocktails and tennis). My dad was a camera man at Fox and did her test shots (Norman Lindley). They married and she left the industry. Norman Lindley is the brother of Audra Lindley (Yes, Mrs. Roper) – and son of Bert Lindley (silent film). She had wonderful stories to tell of early Hollywood….she even went out with Ronald Regan (her publicist set it up) but she was not a fan of his. Oh, and she was Miss Beverly Hills when she was 17 – so I guess that was 1942. There should be some record since it hit the headlines as she fell after she was crowned and the trophy went rolling away."

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