Monday, March 10, 2014

From my collection: ROBERT REGENT

Before appearing in a few films during World War II, Robert Regent starred opposite Eleanor Phelps on the CBS radio serial "Life and Love of Dr Susan" (1939).

I'll Sell My Life (1941)

Robert Regent plays Rose Hobart's blind artist brother (pictured) in this obscure crime "meller" (to use a typical Variety term) about a woman paid to accept culpability for a murder she didn't commit. It is a good performance as far as it goes but an awkward screenplay kills whatever merits the film may have had.

I knew the late great Rose Hobart quite well, having shared many Halloween and birthday parties in her company. I especially remember one occasion where, late at night and both of us two sheets to the wind, I had to hoist the nonagenarian Rose into a taxi van hired to take her back to the Motion a Picture Country House and Hospital in Calabassas, CA, where she resided in this the December of her long life.

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