Sunday, April 6, 2014

GERE CRAFT and THE DEVIL'S HAND (1959, released 1962)

The femme leads of The Devil's Hand, a notoriously bad voodoo melodrama, are played by real-life sisters Linda Christian (femme fatale) and Ariadna Welter (ingenue), both of whom are unnaturally obsessed with the decidedly middle-aged Robert Alda (father of Alan). Against such overwhelming presence in the glamour department (the sisters Welter are indeed eye catching) Gere Craft can do little other than disappear in her thankless role as the nurse attending voodoo afflicted Ariadne's bedside. Miss Craft also played a nurse in the Anthony Perkins baseball drama Fear Strikes Out (1957), but that was about it for the Chicago native, whose only other appearance of note came in a Perry Mason episode.

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