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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thomasina Mix (Tom's daughter)

Yes, you're absolutely right, Tom's namesake daughter never appeared in a feature film. At least as an adult. But, apparently, it wasn't for the lack of trying. The birth in 1922 of Thomasina Mix to Tom and his then-wife Victoria Forde; the subsequent custody battle over the little girl; her inheriting her father when he so tragically died in a car accident in Arizona; well, all that is thoroughly discussed elsewhere and in more detail than I can provide. But recently I came across a little tidbit that may interest fans of Tom and/or B-Westerns in general. In 1946, the photo seen above was published in that year's edition of the Academy Players Directory, the industry casting guide, and in the category of "Leading Women," no less. Proof positive that Thomasina wished to follow in her late father's footsteps.

But there is actually more proof, albeit of a more negative kind. Also in 1946, in March to be more precise, in his suit for divorce, Thomasina's husband, Bernard J. Mattthews, alleged that "Thomasina Victoria Mix is more interested in a film career than she is in caring for her four children." This in response to Thomasina's counter suit "for separate maintenance on allegations of cruelty."

She was granted a divorce but, alas, no film work seems to have come her way.


  1. That's interesting, as it goes against my own knowledge of her, as my best friend for many years, during which she showed great interest and pride in her now-adult children, and zero interest in the movie business, or even the media. I guess people change in time.

    1. John ,what was your association with Thomasina ...She has lived in New Zealand for the past 30 years(now 90) travelling back generally to San Francisco annually to see her grandchildren and adopted daughter ....It is unlikely she will come again as her eyesight is failing.

    2. Does anyone know about the whereabouts of the portrait that Albert Victor Ballin painted in 1925 of Thomasina Mix, age 3, decked out in full English riding kit with sombrero? It's reproduced in the "Silent Worker," viewable online ( I'd love to obtain a good high-resolution image of that poignant portrait for a retrospective of Ballin's work.

    3. Sorry I didn't see the reply earlier... or know the state of her health. Sorry to learn that.
      Is that Gordon? I knew Thomasina as Tommy Gunn - married to Gordon Gunn. That was through the 70s. We did a lot together - a local newspaper, community shop and so on.
      All my best to her. She is a very fine lady.

  2. I'm sure your experience with Ms. Mix reflects the true woman. She probably never was that keen on following in her parents' footsteps. I can easily imagine it being a case of noblesse oblige for the young Thomasina. And should we really believe entirely what is stated in a divorce suit?

  3. Her father, Tim Mix, was killed in Arizona, not Oklahoma.

  4. James EMc, you're absolutely right and I have corrected the mistake. I don't know quite how I could have made this particular error; I even visited the site once. Shame on me!

  5. Does anyone have the contact information for Thomasina Mix. She was married (briefly) to my uncle, Lt. Col. John Andre. I met her briefly when I was a child, and would like to say hello. Thanks.
    John Andre
    Hamilton, MT

  6. Tomasina Gunn nee Mix is living in Auckland NZ, aged 93 she is an incredible woman, starting a NZ political party in the 80's which is now the Green Party and 3rd largest political movement in NZ, she opened the first woman's refuge and was active in her community, a real libertine and with an intellectually sharp mind even into her 90's and with failing eye sight, i will pass on your email address to her.