Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hazel Dawn, Jr.

This posting is really apropos nothing. Other than the fact that the Imdb fails to separate the renowned Broadway star Hazel Dawn (“The Pink Lady”) from her namesake daughter. But as gossip columnist Louella Parsons could report in 1946:

“Pretty little Hazel Dawn, age 18, the daughter of Hazel Dawn, musical comedy star and queen of the silent days, gets a very good break in Margie in the second lead as Jeanne Grain's sister. Hazel has been on the 20th lot for over a year and this is her very first picture. When she was much younger she played a part for M-G-M in The Youngest Profession but since that time most of her time has been spent in studying to get ready for her 20th debut.”

The never-too-dependable Parsons was wrong once again. Hazel Dawn was not in the released Margie and Margie's “sister” was certainly not the second lead. Perhaps Louella meant the role of Joyce, the grown Margie's daughter who frames the narrative. That role, however, was played by Ann E. Todd. In fact, the 1943 The Youngest Profession, about teenage autograph seekers, appears to have been Hazel Dawn's sole screen appearance.


  1. Well, I found Hazel Dawn, Jr. by a Ford Tractor short movie on YouTube. I found it interesting that she was a Jr. I have met only one other. I find Hazel Dawn, Jr. so sincerely attractive, and her short career seems such a waste. I know nothing of her mother. Thank you for your insight and website.


  2. Thank you Charlie for the shout-out. This is a wonderful little short featuring former MGM leading man Paul Langton and a hillbilly band. Here is the youtube link:

    When I declared that Miss Dawn's only film work came is in "The Youngest Profession" I meant feature film work. According to Imdb she also worked a bit on television but this delightful short is certainly news to me. Good work, Charlie!

  3. Hazel Dawn Jr. is my grandmother! She is going to be thrilled to see this!

    1. LOVED your grandmothers performance in "holiday for Bill". I hope she is doing well.

    2. LOVED your grandmothers performance in "holiday for Bill". I hope she is doing well.

    3. "Hazel Dawn Jr." had a role in "Margie" as one of the debaters, who may also have been a leader in the high school student government. Dawn was a very close childhood friend of my mom, then Mary Joy Wilcox. They stayed in touch throughout their lives; I'm named after Hazel Dawn--and my niece just gave her new baby daughter "Dawn" as a middle name. My mom took singing lessons from Dawn's aunt, former star of the Metropolitan Opera Margaret Romaine, and stayed in very close touch with her until her death. I met your grandmother and great-grandmother when I was growing up. I visited with "Auntie Maggie" many, many times over the years. At the time of my mom's death (2009), I spoke many times with your grandmother on the phone. She's absolutely delightful!