Monday, October 31, 2011

Betty Alexander (Dangerous Venture)

Under contract at various times to Warner Bros. and RKO, Betty Alexander was always better known for her off-screen activities than what she said or did on. In December of 1943, she announced her engagement to a young flyer from Houston, TX, Robert W. Abercrombie, but although a child was soon on the way, the union was apparently shortlived. But while still Mrs. Abercrombie, soldiers in Alaska voted her “the girl we'd most like to woo in an igloo.” Or so her publicity claimed.

By 1948, Betty Alexander's name was mentioned in connection with John Roosevelt, the late president's youngest son, but while he agreed to have met the RKO starlet, he denied having taken her "nightclubbing." Perhaps that was why she was soon seen instead on the arm of B-movie actor Roger Pryor. But rather than Pryor, in 1951 she wed the co-owner of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Dangerous Venture

In Dangerous Venture (United Artists, 1947), Betty Alexander performs more than her usual model and background duties. Indeed, in this latter-day Hopalong Cassidy Western, in which the Bar 20 boys return to the majestic Lone Pine locations in the shadow of Mt. Whitney, Betty plays a lady doctor. Not an ordinary frontier medic, mind you, but a genuine archeologist, a fact she makes clear by at all time sporting a Panama hat. Betty and the shadowy Dr. Atwood (Douglas Evans) are searching for Aztec treasure, she to preserve history and prove that the legendary Aztecs came this far north, he, well you can guess. Happily, Hoppy (William Boyd) and California Carlson (Andy Clyde) are along for the ride to provide protection. The least said about Rand Brooks, who took over from Russell Hayden as Hoppy's young sidekick Lucky Jenkins, the better. Suffice it to say, the ungainly Mr. Brooks makes googly eyes to Miss Alexander throughout.

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