Monday, May 28, 2012

From my collection: Vanda Dupre

We all know and love French-born starlet Vanda Dupre from the latter-day 3 Stooges comedy Fifi Blows Her Top (1958), where, in the title-role, she plays Joe Besser's wartime beloved. But that was actually about it for Vanda who the very same year that Columbia released the short married future character star Jack Warden, in Las Vegas and with comedian Red Buttons as best man. They had a son together, Christopher, and although the couple reportedly separated in the 1970s, Vanda was still legally Mrs. Warden when Jack died in 2006. Along with her Danish-born contemporary Greta Thyssen, Vanda Dupre (born 1931) remains one of the very few Stooge starlets still alive as of this writing.

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  1. Vanda Dupre actually passed away in Santa Monica, CA in 2009, which leaves Miss Thyssen the only surviving Stooges starlet.