Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peggy Stratford (Two-Gun Law)

Peggy Stratford plays Ed LeSaint's comely daughter in Two-Gun Law (1937), a fairly interesting early Charles Starrett Western in which Charles Middleton is a good-bad man with the literary sounding name of Wolf Larson. As usual, the heroine, Miss Stratford, earns second billing but this time she actually gets to romance the hero and the final scene has them joyfully handcuffed together by Sheriff Lee Prather with matrimony in mind.

Despite her name, Peggy Stratford hailed from Nicaragua. A well-known tennis player and a graduate of UCLA, she played Shakespeare with Fritz Leiber and toured with Paul Lukas before signing a term contract with 20th Century-Fox in 1936. She didn't do much more than perform cheesecake duty there and it was on to Republic and a bit in The Leavenworth Case (1936). From there she landed at Columbia, where in addition to Two-Gun Law she also played in three Charley Chase short subject comedies, including the title role in The Wrong Miss Wright (1937). And that was the last we saw of Miss Stratford.

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