Friday, September 9, 2011

Leza Holland: Warner Starlet

Fans of Hollywood news could in early 1946 learn that Warner Bros. had signed 18-year-old Leza Holland, of Kansas City, MO, to a term contract. Or, as one publication put it romantically: “Leza Holland, blonde and beautiful, applied for a secretarial job at Warners and got an acting contract. Don't shove, girls, it seldom happens. . .”

Actually, it didn't really "happen" for Leza, either. Here is what we can glean today from the Internet Movie Database: Deception (1946; wedding guest); That Way With Women (1947; customer); Desperate (1947; nurse); and, last, and probably least, The Judge Steps Out (1949, maid). In between these walk-ons, Leza found time to frolic on the beach at Santa Monica, roasting weiners with fellow Warner starlets Suzi Crandall, Angela Greene and Joan Winfield, and marry actor Richard Erdman. That union lasted until 1950, but by then, Leza Holland had become a children's book author and illustrator and enjoyed a showing at the 1953-1953 California Water Color Society at Long Beach. Her work was entitled "Au Coin de la Rue."

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