Friday, May 18, 2012

Variety Girl (Paramount, 1947)

I have in my collection this still from the 1947 all-star extravaganza Variety Girl featuring Mary Hatcher, of Broadway's "Oklahoma" (she had replaced Joan Roberts as "Laurie") and Mrs. Edmund O'Brien, Olga San Juan, plus the entire Paramount roster. Including quite a few starlets profiled in earlier blog posts. Which reminds me: I have again received a whole bunch of mails from relatives of people I have profiled here or in my previous job on, all requesting further info of their long departed loved ones. As much as I enjoy corresponding with folks from around the globe, I get a little tired of having to demure when it comes to these requests. No, I don't know anything else about your great-aunt. Had I known more, I would have printed it. Half the time I don't even recall writing about the person in question. Although I was paid an hourly rate, I worked as fast as I could and through the five or six years I did the work, I probably submitted more than 5000 essays. I didn't keep the files, though. Back then, a computer had very limited storage capacity, if you recall. And since I was paid a lump sum with no royalties accruing, well, there you have it. It is all on the site. And New York Times, and the late Blockbuster, and the soon-to-be-late Best Buy. And even Amazon Canada, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, feel free to contact me, but be realistic folks.

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