Friday, July 13, 2012

From my collection: Rune Hultman & James Fulwiler

In 1942, Air Gunner Rune H. Hultman of 1232 East 2nd St., Butte, MT, the son of a well-known local restaurateur, was injured in a training flight in New Mexico and he would suffer the after effects for years to come. But not enough to prevent him for playing one of the real life war heroes in 20th Century-Fox's great propaganda piece Winged Victory (1944), the profits of which went to various army courses. (A very young Judy Holliday played opposite him.) Hultman, who prior to his stint in the army had actually studied acting at the famed Pasadena Playhouse including appearances in in house productions of Zane Grey stories, remained in Hollywood for a bit part as Stanley Andrews' son in the 1945 Kirby Grant-Universal oater Code of the Lawless and had a couple of walk-ons before returning to Montana. By 1951, Hultman was living in Swan Lake, MT, the former air gunner now established, married to childhood sweetheart Eunice and living a swank enough existence for the local Montana Standard to announce the comings and goings of guests to the Hultman residence. His final appearance in local papers was not quite so felicitous, though. In August of 1975, he and ten others, including his wife Eunice, were sued by the United States Forest Service and Land Management Bureau for $336,40 on a trespassing charge, the federal government alleging that the defendants were illegally maintaining structures on federal lands. Presumably, said defendants managed to pay this not too demanding fine.

Another 20th Century-Fox contract player around this time was one James Fulwiler, who certainly appears handsome enough to have been a threat to several current leading men. Alas, to quote an old friend in the B-movie biography game, “nothing could be found” about Mr. Fulwiler. I hereby urge anyone who knows anything about this anonymous player to contact this site post-haste. All efforts will be highly appreciated.

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