Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Iris Adrian (from my unpublished FADEOUT: The Final Film of ...")

"Iris has no worries; Iris saved up like a smart dame," this brassy supporting player told an interviewer in the early 1980s. You remember Iris Adrian, of course, if not by name then certainly from her fire-engine voice and eye-catching dye jobs, both trademarks prominently displayed in numerous B-movies from 1930 onwards. Off-screen, Iris Adrian's fear of earthquakes was well known: "One good shake and [Iris] is out of business,"she told celebrity interviewer David Ragan in the 1970s. Fear became a shocking reality in 1994 when she was seriously injured in the 6.9 Northridge quake. Iris never recovered and died from her injuries seven months later. She was 82.

The final film of Iris Adrian:

HERBIE GOES BANANAS (Buena Vista, 1980) D: Vincent McEveety; CAST: Charles Martin Smith, Cloris Leachman, Steven W. Burns, Elyssa Davalos, John Vernon, Harvey Korman, Richard Jaeckel, Alex Rocco, Iris Adrian, Fritz Feld, Vito Scotti, Warde Donovan. In the fourth and final "Love Bug" comedy, the Volkswagen is entered in a high-stakes race in Brazil (although filming took place in Mexico) but ends up as a four-wheel matador in a bullring.

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