Thursday, September 12, 2013


Most B Western "leading ladies" had very little to do other than look pretty. It is no wonder, then, that low budget producers saved what they could on "the girl," who was usually drafted from the studio starlet pool or, in quite a few cases, appeared to be someone or other's girlfriend. In the latter case, the girl in question never really had a screen career as such but appeared in this particular production and little else. We do not know if Sandra Corday was "somebody or other's girlfriend," but she only turns up in one single film, or at least as far as could be determined: The Three Mesquiteers' THE TRIGGER TRIO (1937). This particular series entry has fallen into public domain and may be viewed for free on the Internet Archive site. A viewing that will reveal to you that Sandra Corday was no worse, but also no better, than your average Western gal, and easily upstaged by both a dog and a kid.

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