Monday, December 9, 2013

Joanne Gilbert in RIDE OUT FOR REVENGE (United Artists, 1957)

In Ride Out For Revenge, a rather plodding Western starring Rory Calhoun and pouty Gloria Grahame, Joanne Gilbert plays Pretty Willow, a Cheyenne maiden whose father, the chief, is brutally slain by one of nasty Lloyd Bridges' henchmen. Willow's brother, played, somewhat incongruously by Vince Edwards, swears revenge and Calhoun, the town's former marshal who is "tired of fighting," is caught between his none too secret love for Willow and the attentions of Indian-hating townswoman Grahame. The latter sneers and blames Calhoun for her misfortune while the wind blows hot air and the war drums sound. Miss Grahame has blonde highlights in her hair and Miss Gilbert is apparently one lucky Cheyenne with full access to Max Factor, but that, of course, is standard issue western, 1950s style. Meanwhile, can Calhoun overcome his disgust and save the town by killing his girlfriend's brother? Ride Out for Revenge was filmed in black and white at the Monogram Ranch in Placerita, CA, and in the Agoura Hills.

Joanne Gilbert was the daughter of songwriter Ray Gilbert and was always more famous for her long stint as singing at Los Angeles famous The Mocambo than any of her screen roles. Paramount, who had contracted her straight from her night club gig, let her go when the Western musical Red Garters, in which she supported Rosemary Clooney, went bust at the box office. She escaped into a brief union with screenwriter Danny Arnold and then did her fair share of television guest spots until retiring in the early 1960s. She now resides in Washington State.


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