Sunday, December 8, 2013

Anne Sterling in BOWERY CHAMPS (Monogram, 1944)

Evelyn Brent as a femme fatale down on her luck (and wasn't that perfect typecasting?) and to a certain extend Thelma White as a dumb broad steal the feminine aspects of Bowery Champs, a Bowery Boys movie otherwise enlivened solely by Leo Gorcey's malapropisms. Nominal romantic interest, what there is of it, is provided by Anne Sterling, whose only other appearance of note came in Edgar Ulmer's noirish Bluebeard from the same year. Yet she still called herself a film and television actress when making less pleasant news in the following decade. Both photos below come courtesy of the Baltimore Sun and tell the story of a very troubled personality.



  1. According to a Feb. 29,1954, Pittsburgh Press article, the story of the four men beating her was fabricated to protect one Bob Calhoun, a wealthy oilman and former husband of Ginny Simms. Sterling brought Calhoun up on assault charges and subsequently dropped them after being signed to perform in a singing tour and hadn't the time for a lengthy trail.

  2. link to Pittsburgh Press article,4442471