Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From my collection: GORDON CLARK alias BARON VON THRANE

Variously spelling his name "Clark" or "Clarke," this debonair performer went from being a stand-in for Douglas Faurbanks, Jr. in the late 1930s to playing bit roles well into the television era. But as a clipping from the 1938 fan publication HOLLYWOOD explained, Mr Clark's background was quite exotic:


As the caption to the still below suggests, Gordon did indeed use the moniker Baron Von Thrane:

"Just what the perfectly groomed film player wears in a romantic comedy is revealed in this photo of  Douglas Fairbanks (left) and his stand-in, Baron Von Thrane. Doug is rehearsing his lines for a scene with Dannielle Darrieux, French actress, in The Rage of Paris at Universal Studios."

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