Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Former Powers model and 20th Century-Fox contract player Theona Bryant is but one socalled legitimate actor trapped in this cheap Albert Zugsmith Peyton Place rip-off. Steve Allen plays a college  professor dabbling in a Kinsey-like project about the sexual mores of modern kids. Yuck! And yucky it becomes with over aged performers like Mamie Van Doren, Conway Twitty and the inimitable Woo Woo Grabowsky pretending to be teenagers. But no one looks more pained in this than classic Hollywood performer Herbert Marshall, who plays Miss Bryant's college professor father. Theona Bryant, we are bound to report, makes Mamie Van Doren look positively Shakespearean in comparison and although signing a long-term contract with MGM, her career lasted but a few more years. Our final impression if Confidential, meanwhile, is that producer Zugsmith tried very hard to turn Conway Twitty, as Mamie's boyfriend, into another Elvis.

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