Sunday, March 15, 2015


3760 Wrightwood Dr., Studio City, CA
This corner home in the hills above Universal Studios belonged to everybody's favorite Republic Pictures serial queen, The Tiger Woman herself, Linda Stirling (1921-1997), who lived here with her screenwriter husband Sloan Nibley (d. 1990). The home is just a short ride down Ventura Blvd. from CBS Studio City, formerly Republic Pictures, where Linda would report each morning at dawn for costume and makeup before the long trek out to the Iverson Movie Ranch at the opposite end of the San Fernando Valley in Chatsworth, CA. There, The Tiger Woman, Zorro's Black Whip, and all the series Western heroines she would play filmed all day until the final rays of sunshine with only a box lunch for comfort and the prospect of having to do what comes only natural behind the nearest rock or foliage. Ah, the glamour of Hollywood stardom in the 1940s!

The Tiger Woman and her hero, Allan Lane, at Iverson in 1944.

The Iverson Movie Ranch today, now an exclusive condeminium estate.

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