Monday, March 2, 2015


Smack dap in the center of Hollywood, at 1746 North Cherokee, is what used to be the Ruth Manor Apts, where quite a few well known movie city denizens resided at one time or another. Our late and much missed friend Mary Brian (1906-2002) called the buildings home in 1929 and a year later, a 25-year-old Bing Crosby moved in. Former Mack Sennett comics, the husband-and-wife team of Harry Gribbon (1875-1961) and May Emory, resided here around the same time, and five years later the famous Gale Sisters, two sets of twins, no less, Jane, Jean, Joan, and June, moved in. B-movie tough guy Malcolm "Bud" McTaggart (1910-1949) and wife Adele lived here in 1938 and Jack Chefe (1894-1975), who played literally hundreds of waiters, doormen and, yes, chefs, from the late silent era until at least 1964, made his home here 1938-1944. The complex is called Alexa Suites today.

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