Monday, April 13, 2015

The ( former) Home of THEO MAYES and HANS J. WOLLSTEIN

1841 Malcolm Ave.
Theo and Hans' last home in LA was a townhouse in this courtyard apartment building right off Little Santa Monica in Westwood.

Those following this blog will of course have noticed the many Homes of ... posts recently. Thanks to Google Maps and the availability of census reports is is possible to pinpoint where film folks actually lived. That said, there is not much point in posting  photographs depicting a tall hedge shielding some superstar's Beverly Hills estate, so you'll find many more supporting and bit players on these pages, i.e. folks who actually lived in normal homes or apartment buildings. Many of these structures remain almost unchanged in geographical Hollywood or the San Fernando Valley. When I lived in Los Angeles back in the 1990s - Beverly Hills Adjacent as we called my address - I often wondered where all these minor players had lived. Now, thanks to technology, we can actually find out!

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