Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Homes of "Michael Myers" and "Tommy Doyle"

1530 and 1537 N. Orange Grove Ave., Los Angeles, CA
"Haddonfield," the leafy middle American town in John Carpenter's groundbreaking 1978 shocker Halloween was actually, it turns out, on a quiet residential street right off the famed Sunset Strip. Carpenter's steadycam mostly managed to avoid the telltale palm trees as it followed Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) on her way to a nightmarish babysitting job in number 1537:

Not that Laurie, et al. weren't warned. Right down the block, at number 1530, was the house where insane Michael Myers, wearing his favorite hockey mask, had butchered his own sister. Ooooh, scaary!

And to think that instead of watching Halloween fright flicks on television everybody could have simply walked down the block to the Comedy Store or enjoyed a dry martini at trendy Bar Marmount!

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  1. 1530 is the first photo, Tommy Doyle's house, the location of Laurie's baby-sitting job.

    1537 is the second, lower photo. That is Lindsay Wallace's house, where Michael Myers murdered three of Laurie's friends (and where Laurie discovered all of them + Michael himself). He would chase her from that house, across the street to the first house.

    The Myers house was in South Pasadena, CA. It was moved from its original spot and restored in a more visible location down the block & around the corner.

    And Michael never wore a hockey mask. Ever. Wrong movie.