Monday, June 1, 2015

Amira Moustafa in QUEEN OF THE AMAZON (Screen Guild, 1947)

Last we saw Egyptian-born starlet Amira Moustafa (Mrs. Walter E. Beck in real life), she was performing a Polynesian dance for Roland Winters in the Charlie Chan movie Dangerous Money (1946). It's a year or so later and Amira, playing one of those White Goddesses so prevalent in ersatz Hollywood jungles, is now in Deepest Africa lording  over ... the Amazons? Well, that is not the only geographical incongruity in Queen of the Amazons, which also features one of those very rare African tigers. Not in real life, mind you; this Robert Lippert hilarity is one of those ultra cheap programmers where Grade-Z movie actors stand on a darkened sound stage at what today is Hollywood Center Studios on Las Palmas Ave. reacting with shock and awe to grainy stock footage. At one point everyone gets a bit of fresh air out at Griffith Park, a nice change one would imagine, which is where Amira, as Jungle Goddess Zita, demonstrates her skills with bow and arrow (pictured) for an enraptured Bruce Edwards. 


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