Monday, July 13, 2015


4764 Elmwood Ave. Hollywood, CA
The leading lady of the pioneering American Film Mfg. Company of Santa Barbara, CA, in 1912, Jessalyn Van Trump does perhaps not look like a blushing prairie flower by today's standard. But there the Ohio-born stage ingenue was, being menaced in hundreds of one-reel westerns by Jack Richardson and rescued by the strapping J. Warren Kerrigan , off screen a mother's boy who didn't care for girls, but that was acting for you. All under the direction of Allan Dwan, whose directorial career lasted until 1961. Miss Van Trump, in contrast, found stardom much more fleeting and was by the 1920s reduced to mainly extra work. She shared this Hollywood home with her sister and brother-in-law until at least 1930, dying in Los Angeles in May of 1939. The former Western heroine was 52.


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