Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I've come across the odd name Tove Lindan a couple of times while researching low budget early talkies. Tove, who according to the IMDb, hailed from Nebraska, rarely had much to do in those poverty row potboilers but according to a February 1930 wire service report, she was "a famous American unknown in America." She had lived in "the Orient" since childhood, the news story went on to reveal, and become a famous actress there. Perhaps. But if her brief appearance as a house party flirt in House of Danger (1934), a mild little whodunit from shoestring company Peerless starring Onslow Stevens, is anything to go by she wasn't a very good actress. But there you are. According to the California Death Index, Tove Lindan passed away aged 64 on July 6, 1965. Since I've failed to locate any photos of the lady, this screenshot will have to suffice. 


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