Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mystery and Noir Series!

I have decided to add trivia about my other classic movie passion: B-noir and mystery series. Well, it's my blog so whatta ya gonna do? Any excuse to revisit old movies is good enough for me. So here goes ...
Top right is Sonia Darrin, my favorite B-movie moll as Agnes Lowzier (love that name!) in The Big Sleep (released 1946). I discovered Agnes when I saw the movie for the first time at the age of about 12 or 13, and even then, her toughness intrigued me. No wonder, in retrospect, that Bogart crossed the street for a romantic interlude with bespectacled Dorothy Malone; Agnes was just too tough for even Bogie. And certainly for poor Elisha Cook, her boyfriend in the film whose demise in the hands of B-Western hero Bob Steele remains one of Sleep's multitude of highlights. Of course, The Big Sleep is hardly a B-movie and thus doesn't qualify here. We shall instead concentrate on Bury Me Dead (1947), Sonia's only other film role of any note, a review of which shall be forthcoming.


  1. She is my favorite actress in this movie, and there are a lot of girls in it! This is a new photo of Sonia Darrin I have not seen before. It's lovely. Where did you find it?

  2. 'Most of the portraits on this blog are from various issues of the Academy Players casting directories, this particular one from the 1946 edition. And Agnes is my favorite too!

  3. Thank you so much Hans. She's a stunner. Stole every scene she was in, in The Big Sleep.

    "What do those look like, grapefruit?"

  4. Would you happen to have the hi-res scan of that photo? And the page it was on with the bio?

    I would love to have that.

  5. No bio per se just two portraits like most of the entries. Darrin is listed alphabetically under Leading Ladies. If you would mail me at I'll return the scans. Not very hi res, I'm afraid, though!