Sunday, March 27, 2016


"A dour foreign legion picture," as the always perceptive Don Miller called it in his groundbreaking little tone B Movies, Legion of Missing Men takes a turn from desert stock to the incongruous sight of one Hala Linda performing in a dive frequented by our Leggionaires Ralph Forbes, Ben Alexander and Paul Hurst. The little ditty the supposedly Parisian Miss Linda performs, "You Are My Romance," was penned by Flo Browne and Richard B. Gump. The latter, as it turned out, was Hala's husband and the son of Abraham Levinston, "the San Francisco 'jade king'." Later that same year, Miss Linda, described as a "red haired Scandinavian actress" l(born Lindelof), learned that her husband had divorced her while they were still cohabiting! He, in turn, called his wife a gold digger and the couple quickly headed for court,me demanding that the divorce stand.

Hala Linda in Legion of Missing Men

Hala Linda Gump in court


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