Friday, September 6, 2013

Republic Pictures contract player: GRACE DURKIN

The sister of juvenile stars Junior and Gertrude Durkin, Grace Durkin was under contract to Republic 9-28-1936 to 12-27-1936. She may be seen today in the public domain Ellery Queen programmer THE MANDARIN MYSTERY (1936), available for free on the Internet Archive site. Grace Durkin passed away at age 77 in Los Angeles in 1991. The Durkin family tragedy of 1935 is described in the following clipping: 

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  1. Wow! Thank you. This is my grandmother and my Dad and I were just talking about how all photos of her were lost and he knew nothing of Junior's death. Wow, I cried when I saw this-she is so beautiful and full of grace as her name absolutely showcases. If you have any other photos of her I would love to know! Unbelievable blessing! Wow! Thank thank thank you!!! =) - Jenny K