Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Republic Pictures contract player MOZELLE CRAVENS

Under contract to Republic 3-1-1943 to 8-31-1943,  Mozelle Cravens was a member of the WAPS, i.e. the Women's Army of the Plains, aiding Eddie Dew in defeating rustlers in the wartime Western RAIDERS OF SUNSET PASS (1943), an entry in the aborted "John Paul Revere" series. That was about it for Mozelle, who was much better known for her extracurricular activities. Cravens was the wife of famed William Morris agent, the Russian born Johnny Hyde, who in 1947 divorced her to marry a new client, 31 years his junior: Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn famously turned down his proposal but remained a client and  it was eventually Hyde who landed her the 20th Century-Fox contract that made her a star for the ages. Mozelle Cravens, meanwhile, had left films when Republic failed to pick up her option. She reportedly passed away at the age of 90 in Napa, CA, in 2004.


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