Monday, March 16, 2015


609 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA
This Beverly Hills mansion belonged in 1930 to imposing Danish-born character star Anders Randolf (nè Randrup). The property was later the home of Danny Kaye and his wife Sylvia Fine, and later still, perennial "Other Man" star Ralph Bellamy.


At the time of his sudden death at 59 in the summer of 1930 following a kidney operation, Randolf had been actively pursuing a return to his native lands and had even purchased an apartment in Østerbro (see below), an upscale part of Copenhagen, Denmark. His wife and daughter did in fact relocate to Copenhagen, where Anders Randolf was later interred.

This photo depicting Anders Randolf's daughter Karen Kristine and pet was given to me by a family friend. It clearly depicts a Southern California home but not the N. Canon Dr. mansion. If anyone happens to recognize the property, please send me a note. 


  1. Anders Randrup Randolf is most likely my Great Grandfather's first cousin or he could be my GG Grandfather's brother - my Great Grandfather's "birth father" is a little uncertain. We've narrowed it down to 4 brothers who lived on a farm where my Great Grandmother worked. Oooooh intrigue....right? Anyway she got pregnant etc. I'm still searching for paternity records.

  2. The farm Anders Christian(sen) Randrup seemed to be proprietor of was located near Rybjerg Parish (Sogn) in Viborg County (Amt) and many people seem to have lived there over the years. It's called (Gamle) Rybjerggaard which translated to (Old) Rybjerg Farm

  3. Sorry, my first post should say where my Great Great Grandmother worked....