Monday, March 16, 2015


810 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA
The lovely home of silent screen stars Marie Prevost & Kenneth Harlan (1895-1967) from 1924 until their divorce in 1929.

The Camden Drive home as it appeared during the Prevost-Harlan occupancy:


Marie Prevost, like Harlan, saw her screen career decline rapidly in sound films and a weight problem didn't make things any easier for the former Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty, whose sad and lonely demise in January of 1937 at the age of 38 remains one of Hollywood's most tragic.

6230 Afton Pl., Hollywood, CA
Marie Prevost died from acute alcoholism and malnutrition in what was then something of a downtrodden building but which after an extensive remodeling in recent years remains a Hollywood landmark. According to lore, Marie's desperate dachshund attempted to awaken his fallen mistress for several days and it was his mournful howling that finally drew attention to the tragedy.


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